Friday, December 11, 2009

Cottage Charm

This painting is called Cottage Charm by Jim Mitchell. I believe it is oil on canvas but the website could not verify this. When I look at this painting , I think of pure happiness, like nothing could go wrong if I could live in this place my whole life. THe way that Mitchell uses the colors gives me sense of forever longing for this place. These colors make it seem like this place is fantasy, not even real, a place you yearn for but can never find it, atleast in America. I love the way this place is covered by trees in the back and there are a wide array of flower and bushes surrounded it. All this greenery around it makes this place seem like it is in seclusion, away from human contact and unnatural desires. This painting looks so perfect from the looking of the cottage to the way the sun is shining on it, and also the lone bird that sits atop the ledge. Even though it is evident that people live and know about this place, I admire the fact that Mitchell did not add anyone in this picture, not even the boat sitting in the water. It is easy to understand why Mitchell named this Cottage Charm instead of cottage farm. I could look at this painting all day and still feel good about life. I wish I could buy this painting but don't know how.

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  1. Marta Dahlig is the artist who did the amazing "umbrella sky"!