Friday, December 11, 2009

Josephine Wall

This is a painting by Josephine Wall. When I first looked at this painting I was absolutely amazed. I though How could you not appreciate this painting. I looked at this painting for a while just taking it all in. This painting gives you such an eretheal and otherworldly feeling that makes you question the line between fantasy and reality. A painting that truly epitomizes mystique, with the autumn leaves swirling around her lower body gradually becoming more apparent and finally turning into butterflies. This is the type of painting that you can see time and time again and still be fascinated by it, and also notice new things in this painting that you had not seen before. I like how Wall gave this woman figure a light-blue turquoiseish color which invites a tranquil and comforting aspect to this piece. This is something that this author definitely took time to draw out and create, so I think it deserves a lot of time to look at by each viewer and notice all the intricate details the artist puts in.

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