Friday, December 11, 2009

The Song of Love

This painting is named The Song of Love by Giorgio de Chirico in 1914, It is an oil on canvas. This painting was an early style of the Surrealist Movement. THe central focus of this painting you can tell is this sculpture of a head and what looks like orange gloves pinned on a wall. There is also a green ball on the floor beside it. This is surrelism because to me it looks like dimensions are distorted. It seems like there is a building next to this wall so it would make sense that the wall would also be huge in size. But I dont think that anyone woud wear gloves this big. The orange and green remind me of another Surrealist painting I posted on my blog THe Elephant Celebes, THese colors may have been important or representative of something during this time period. In the background it also looks like a train or something in the background with smoke coming from it. This could symbolize how the times were changing as I'm sure trains were probably fairly new at this time.

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