Friday, December 11, 2009

Phillipine Painting

This is a painting done by Cesar F. Balagot. I could not find anymore info on this but I believe it is an oil on canvas. This is another painting that I truly liked. It depicts the trouble-free nature of these people and I believe it also shows a comforting unity among these people. This painting looks very simple and it does not look tough to replicate this piece. Therefore these people look simple, their lives are not crowded with ttechnology and useless additions to their life, they are jsut surrounded by beautiful flowers that the women carry on their heads and everyone has their own basket of nice looking flowers that that they tend to. This makes me envious contemplating what my life would be like if I could worry about floweres all day long. I like the colors of the floweres to, in my mind theses are the colors that I consider "happy" colors. I feel I know why none of the people in this painting are facing the viewer, they are too consumed with their lives and their environment, that they do not care for us or our more "complex" world. I think the artist purposefully made everyone in this piece tuen thier backs to us to illustrate the point how content they are with their lives.

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