Friday, December 11, 2009

Umbrella Sky

This is another painting that is done digitally. The artist is unknown. The first thing that struck out about thias painting when I glanced at it was the beauty of this girl. Her features are pleasing but the look on her face is not content as far as I can tell. If you noticed, the main color theme of this painting is red and orange or a mix of both. Everyhthing in this painting is in this color renge from the girls dress, her hair, and even her umbrella. THhe fish and the sky are also of these colors. Another thing that caught my eyes was the oreange sky shining down its light on the scenery below. Judging by the look on this girl's face and the awesomeness of the sky, I envision that something grand is about to happen(good or bad I can't tell), that's also why I think the fish are jumping up and down to, to show that something is up an d unusual. I dont know if the girl is protecting herself from the fish or something that might falling from the sky.

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