Friday, December 11, 2009

French and Indian War

I could not find any info on this painting whatsoever but I believe it to be oil on canvas. This painting depicts the French and Indian War against the British. The central focus is the Native Americans who have been supplied weapons by the French and you see this battle from their point of view as they try to fend off the Brits. As you can tell, it seems as though the Britains are too overpowering in sheer numbers, but it also seems like they are surrounded. THis painting gives you the feel that the English are indeed invading unfamiliar territory and are just walking into the NAtives attack. You can see the courage in the Natives to not back down and they have done alot to not give up thier land, including the fact that they have properly learned how to use a gun and reload it. This seems like the start of the battle so it is unclear who will win or how many casualities there will be. Looking at the strength of the Brits verses the Natives it looks like a depressing and tragic outcome for the Natives. This picture captures the reality of war and the emotions; there is no time to think just react and shoot until the end.

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